Guaba Opening Fiesta with Myon and Shane54

Guaba Beach Bar
Amathuntos 7 Limassol, Cyprus, 4531
Date & Time
Sunday 6th May







Sunday 6th May - Absolut Vodka,MAD tv and Deejay Radio present the

Guaba Opening Fiesta !

Myon and Shane54
Guaba Clown
Guaba residents to be announced

Free entry - till venue reach full capacity

Guaba Sundays helpful guidelines

On Sunday 6th May 2012, Guaba will reopen its doors to the world in an event that will be hard to forget. A unique show has been prepared for the opening of the new season that we believe will be the best so far!
The crazy duo Myon and Shane 54, together with the Guaba Clown from Las Vegas, and the Guaba residents Djs will make you jump for hours... so be sure you are fit enough for this one! Whether you are an old fan or a curious, new visitor, there is no better way to enter the world of Guaba than at this Opening Fiesta, where the entire Guaba family – the best crowd in the world! – will spend an unforgettable day together. We hope you are as excited as we are to enter our world and spend the next 148 days of summer together.

Be sure not to miss a day!

As always, the Guaba spirit is strong, and as before, we welcome you no matter what your style, status, age or sex. Come as you like, come with whoever you want. Time and time again we have stressed to you how no matter what you earn or who you are, no matter what car you drive or where you live, here you can be completely yourself. Join the Guabian family of believers and become part of a community which cherishes individuality and freedom of expression. Once you have had a taste of Guaba’s love and culture, you will find it hard to turn back to the closed-minded island mentality. So reject the stereotypes and take a step through the doors of freedom. Take part in the Guaba revolution, which defies the trends of society and shuns its rules, and enjoy being young at heart and free in spirit. We have proved time and time again that no one can dictate to us what we should do or who we should be. No one can force us to abandon our passion and dedication for fun and truth.

Guaba is one of a kind, and it will stay that way. Guaba is a world of its own. So far, we have never broken our promise to you: that this will never change, that we will remain unique and real. We are proud that we have stood by our beliefs over the years, and that you in turn have shown us your loyalty by returning to Guaba, year after year. As those of you who know us by now will know: we have also strengthened our roots as the years have gone by, and this is because of your love and belief in us. So thank you Guaba fans, and we look forward to seeing more of you, your friends and your family, again this year.

Although our Sunday parties have become so famous internationally that we have attracted fans from across the world, it is as always our challenge to try to offer you something fresh and new. This year we have new ideas on ways to entertain you through the hot, summer months. We have renovated the beach area and introduced new furniture, designed to keep you happy - what better way to relax and enjoy the Cypriot beach while taking in the sun and listening to your favourite music? Last year, you enjoyed different scenes in the Guaba world each day of the week; day times were the perfect chance to sample our signature cocktails and chillax on the beach while weekends were all about partying hard with world famous djs. With Reggae nights, Yoga classes and more, there was always some activity to keep you coming. This year will be no exception. Whatever your mood, whatever the occasion...Guaba is the solution.

As the clock ticks down to the opening day, we will reveal to you closer to the time more details on our upcoming events and special nights for summer 2012. Be certain that there will be lots of fun and surprises in store! So forget the boring winter sleep you’ve been in for the past few months – it’s time to emerge from your Guaba-deprived hibernation and get ready… because Guaba is about to wake you up!

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