La Maison Fleurie Restaurant

La Maison Fleurie is established since 1986 and created by great passion for French authentic cuisine.

The interior design is based on a rich classic style with very romantic surroundings. During summer time, the restaurant offers you a tremendous garden for relaxing evenings.

It has been distinguished in various gastronomy exhibitions worldwide and in the most well known Travel Guides as Conde Nast Traveller, DK Travel. The DK Travel Guide of "Top 10 Cyprus" honors the restaurant as the 1st International Restaurant and probably the best restaurant on the island.

Every Tuesday & Friday, the restaurant delivers directly from France, Fresh Tsarskaya Oysters (Gold Medal 2009, 2006 & 2005) & Seafood, Great Specialties on Duck, Goose Foie Gras, Wild Boar, hare, Quail, Grouse and Deer!

La Maison Fleurie Restaurant is the one and only establishment in Cyprus honored in 2009 & 2008 with the prestigious "Five Star Diamond Award" by the "American Academy of Hospitality Sciences".
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