Welcome to CafeNé. The new place for your morning blend, your lunch, and afternoon break. Here, you can find a large range of tasty sandwiches, healthy salads, cakes and muffins, as well as freshly-ground coffee.

All our sandwiches and salads are freshly made daily, using the best quality local ingredients. Our coffee is a unique blend freshly ground for maximum taste. Choose any style - latte, cappuccino, espresso or decaf. Add your favourite flavour syrup: caramel, vanilla, or amaretto to your latte for added taste. Our summer iced coffee and regular or blended frappés are delicious and refreshing. Of course you can also enjoy alternatives such as tea, tea infusions, hot chocolate, fresh juice and fruit smoothies.

Come to our shop for casual work meetings or simply to “hang out”. If you can’t make it, we can bring your favourite food or drink directly to your door.

Our savoury and dessert platters are ideal for breakfast and lunch meetings, and we can even deliver a box of pastries to you for sharing on a special day.
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