Hunan Chinese Restaurant

Situated at the start of Tombs Of The Kings Road, the HuNan Chinese Restaurant offers all the best in authentic Chinese cuisine, with special focus on the cuisine of the HuNan province in the south east of china. Indoor and outdoor dining facilities available as well as a take away service. After only being opened for just one year, the HuNan Chinese Restaurant is already in the top 100 restaurants in Paphos. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and wedding parties (if you need a cake for your celebration please book 2 days in advance). The HuNan Chinese Restaurant also offer random, surprise 'gift vouchers' to diners throughout the month, a great way to say some money on dining out. Fortune cookies with all meals, so why not come down and enjoy and great meal and find out what the future has in store for you. Fantastic priced set menus for two start from 12.88 Euros and great priced express meals from 8.68 Euros. Beverages available with a meal until 6pm everyday.
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