Xorko.com Festival - Arminou Village

Arminou Village, Paphos
Date & Time
Friday 27th July



Price:€5 ( €10 for camping)




On the 27th, 28th and 29th of July,
Arminou village* will be the host for the first festival of Xorko Art Collaboration Movement!

Xorko is a collaborative D.I.Y. movement between mainly local cypriot artists, musicians and DJ's. Our main goal is to create an environment where people with the same interest can exchange knowledge over art collaborations without money involved in the picture.


5 Euros - General 3 Day Entrance
10 Euros - Camping

[A camping area, shower and cleaning facilities as well as a breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks bar will be available]


- Michalis Tterlikkas (CY) - Live

- Vacation Dad (USA) - Live

- Barbara's Straight Son (GR) - Live

- The Black Post Project (CY) - Live

- Insurrectionist Optional Dolphins (CY) - Dj

- Brain Masturbation (CY) - Live

- Τα Κατακάθκια (CY) - Live

- Shalom (CY) - Dj

- Raw Silver (CY) - Dj

- Monsieur Doumani (CY) - Live

- DJ Drimiteros (CY) - Live

- vybbtuan & Yiannis Christofides (CY) - Live

- Governmental Envelope (CY) - Live

- Kineza & Kristia E. (CY) - Live

+ more

VJ/Mapping: Constantinos Demosthenous


Fabrice Jambon, all the way from France, music producer and dj of nu garage and future dub, will welcome you on the right mood followed by an experimental electronic duo vybbtuan & Yiannis Christofides, expanding our horizons while the sun gives space to the blue and sets the atmosphere right. Electroacoustic live improvisations by Governmental Envelopes will continue the journey until the time lady explosive CISUM will start the fire with soulful dub influenced dj skills giving space for Barbara’s Straight Son from Greece, and their energetic drum & bass session. The night will end with a dark electronic mood by SHALOM & RAW SILVER, going from electronic punk to black techno and chiptune.


starting early with chillwave music waking up people slowly, while Monsieur Doumani will take their flutes out and recreate cypriot folk songs following by an earthy DJ set of Dj Antonis-Renos AKA the Mule for the sun to set in colour. Continuing with four young music composers that formed an experimental band Brain Masturbation, sun will continue to set in inverted colours, making blue the primal colour. The Black Post Project will enhance the scene with the first dark beats of the night, while the scene will get ready for the american electronic rock producer Vacation Dad, playing at the top of his voice live slapping his consoles. The night will end with the IOD trio, Insurrectionist Optional Dolphins the masters on Techno and Groove Electronic music.


will end the festival as a half day before the sun sets. Dj Drimiteros will give us a warm folk goodmorning. Under a blue sky, Kineza & Kristia E. will take over with their live sonic forays into the resonant giving their lead to MESKALIDO's balcan and experimental dub playlist, fusing the scenes into bright blond weeds and as the wind blows on them we will start singing about them. The closing will be given to the person who has for years been leading the revival of Cypriot vernacular music, Μιχάλης Ττερλικκάς.

* Arminou is a village in the Dhiarizos valley, 50km east from Paphos, on the outskirts of the Paphos forest yet twenty minutes away from the Mediterranean sea. Formerly the administrative and cultural centre of this fertile and uniquely historic region of Cyprus, Arminou is now inhabited by just 23 people. All proceeds from the Xorko Festival will be donated to the community in aid of the village's recently embarked on reinvigorating process.


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